Tap Dance is music and music is a language.

This 3-week tap dance training is aimed at ambitious amateurs, professional performers and dance teachers who want to deepen and professionalize their tap dance skills and knowledge in jazz and music. 
The main focus of this program is about tap dance being a musical instrument. In an intensive 3 week training we go deep into the musical world of tap by exploring the possibilities of sound, touch, rhythm and tonality. 

Music is the pleasure of sound.

Tap dancers from a level of intermediate advanced and up, are invited to participate in this training program. The intensive training offers comprehensive and professional know-how in tap dancing, with a focus on technique, improvisation, creativity, composition and musicality.

Don't hit the floor. Play the floor!

In all 3 weeks we will be working with one or more musicians and develop a deeper understanding of our instrument: dancing, movement, rhythm and music. 
The complete program lasts 3 weeks and includes approx. 120+ hours of instruction, practice, training and coaching.

In each week we will be working together with one or more musicians.

Main topics of our training are...


Develop a deeper understanding of music and learn how to communicate with the music and the musicians. We will cover topics like: different styles, form, feels, phrasing and interplay. 


Improvisation is one of the defining elements of jazz music. We will develop a mindset, ideas and practices that will help our improvisational skills. 


In order to fully express yourself musically through the dance, you need a good technical foundation. 
This training will develop your touch, feel and smooth execution.  


In essence this training is all about finding your own voice and how  to develop it into artistic processes. 
Your technique needs a creative mind to fully bloom.  


In order to take your art to a next level you need to know what has been there before. 

Cost and Registration

The total fee for the complete 3 week Professional Tap Training is €2000.-

Early Bird Rebate is € 250 on your total fee for registrations until March 1st 2023

Maximum of 12 participants

To register please fill out the following PDF and send it back to: [email protected]

Teachers and Team

The training program is led by Thomas Marek and will be supported by his team of professional musicians & dancers. 
All musicians have years of experience of working with tap dancers and have a deep understanding of what tap dance has musically to offer.

To find out more about Thomas Marek and his body of work in tap dance, please visit


"All the information about tap and jazz history, technique, rhythm, musicality, and improvisation we received during the last three weeks allowed me to really learn about tap dancing on a deeper level and will be influencing my dancing in the future."

"The Professional Tap Training is all about jazz and the art of tap improvisation. 
The training - or rather coaching - is like a kindly offered generous gift!"

"Thomas Marek shares his overwhelming joy of tap dance: you can't help but be captivated by this!
Playfulness and pure joy are accompanied by focused and diligent honing of the participants technical tap skills and their musicality.
Coming home after the 3 weeks, I heard myself tap as a different person with a new mindset. I'm curious about my new possibilities and am ready to continue exploring my way of tap improvisation."

For more information about the program, please contact us. 


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