Footprints Summer Fest 24

July 5th-7th 2024
Tap Festival Hamburg

Welcome to Footprints Summer Fest. 

From July 5th to 7th 2024  Studio Footprints hosts it's Hamburg Tap Dance Festival, offering workshops, a jam session with a jazz trio and a video showing.

Featured Artists this year are: 

Kurt Albert, Cordula Decker, Axel Burkhardt & Thomas Marek

Friday July 5th at 18.00h : 

Welcome Party & Video Showing with Kurt Albert

Saturday July 6th: 

Full day of tap workshops

20.00h: Jam Session with jazz trio at Studio Footprints

Sunday July 7th: 

Full day of tap workshops 

All workshops are taught at Studio Footprints. Stresemannstraße 374 B, 22769 Hamburg.

Summerfest Workshop Schedule


9.00-10.15h : Beginner (Cordula)

10.20-11.35h : Intermediate (Cordula)

11.40-12.55h : Advanced (Cordula)

13.00-14.15h : Beginner (Kurt)

14.20-15.35h : Intermediate (Kurt)

15.40-16.55h : Advanced (Kurt)

17.00-19.00h : Musicality (Thomas & Axel)


9.00-10.15h : Beginner (Kurt)

10.20-11.35h : Intermediate (Kurt)

11.40-12.55h : Advanced (Kurt)

13.00-14.15h : Beginner (Cordula)

14.20-15.35h : Intermediate (Cordula)

15.40-16.55h : Advanced (Cordula)

17.00-19.00h : Musicality (Thomas & Axel)


Cordula Decker (Hamburg)

 After graduating from high school in Bavaria, Cordula Decker began studying theater design in London and took intensive jazz, tap dance and ballet lessons at the same time. She completed her stage actor training in Hamburg in 2001. She has been working as a dance teacher in Hamburg since 2003, specializing in tap dance and jazz dance. Cordula has performed in various productions and as a soloist, including Duke Ellington's "sacred concert". She has produced her own tap shows such as "Tap in the Park" and the "Chameleon Tap Movie" project. Since March 2021 she has been a member of the "Hargassner Mohr Band" and performed live at "Hamburg Stream" during the lockdown. The band was part of the Hamburg Kultursommer and last performed at Birdland (Hamburg) in September 2023.

Kurt Albert (Heidelberg)

Kurt Albert is one of the leading European Tap Dancers with over 30 years of experience in international showbusiness. He was fortunate to learn the art of American Rhythm Tap from authentic masters like Carnell Lyons (Kansas City, NYC, Berlin), Brenda Bufalino (NYC) and Buster Brown (NYC), who are his main influences.
He was a member of Brenda Bufalinos “International Tap Dance Orchestra”, and since 1990 he has regularly been sharing the stage with Carnell Lyons, Brenda Bufalino and Josh Hilberman. For over thirty years he has been dancing with his partner Klaus Bleis in Germany’s best known tap duo “Tap and Tray” with international appearences in USA and throughout Europe. In 2008 Kurt Albert moved to Heidelberg, where he works in the Jazz Band “Melody Rhythm and Tap” with drummer Allen Blairman and saxophone player Olaf Schönborn. Since 2019 he is performing with Thomas Marek in their Vienna „Jazz Tap Project“.

Thomas Marek (Vienna)

As a performer, choreographer and teacher, Thomas Marek has been combining traditional and modern forms of tap dance with contemporary musical and theatrical elements in his work for over 30 years. The masters he learned from and who have inspired him were and are the innovators of their art: Charles Honi Coles, Cholly Atkins, Chuck Green, Buster Brown, Jimmy Slyde and above all Brenda with whose American Tap Dance Orchestra he toured in Florida in the mid-nineties. 

Deeply rooted in jazz, Marek experiments with the possibilities of sound design, phrasing, touch and tone. He explores the space in which tap dancing moves, he shifts boundaries and discovers new forms of expression that tie in with the origins of tap and draw on its cultural context - revealing new stories.

Axel Burkhardt (Hamburg)

Axel Burkhardt has been active as an instrumental bassist for many years, has participated in various pop & jazz CD productions and has made guest appearances at countless concerts and festivals in Germany and abroad.
From 2005 to 2010 he was a member of the Café Royal Salon Orchestra, a Sinti ensemble, whose journey in the summer of 2007 to the legendary Django Reinhardt Festival in Samois sur Seine, was captured in the Arte documentary "Django's Heirs".

He is a founding member of the Jazz-Echo award-winning gipsy swing formation Django Deluxe, and in 2015 Burkhardt was a scholarship recipient of the Unterfränkische Musiktage. 
He is currently actively playing with the Jürgen Kok Trio and the André Krikula Trio.

Workshop Fees

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Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced  (5 hours) : € 170.-

Musicality (with live music) (4 hours) :  € 190


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To register for the workshop, please send an email to : [email protected]
and transfer the workshop fees to the following account.
Thomas Marek
IBAN: DE 74 20050550 1268 138482 

Cancellation Policy

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Cancellations can be made 4 weeks prior to the course commencement date and no later.
If serious illness occurs inside 4 weeks prior to the course commencement date, a 50% cancellation fee applies. All other cancellations will be non refundable.

I acknowledge responsibility for my own health and safety, and understand that whilst the teaching staff will take all necessary precautions to ensure I am not hurt or injured during the program, my safety is ultimately my own responsibility.
I understand that by participating in this workshop I will be engaging in physical activity in the form of dance practice, and in attending I am acknowledging that I am of an appropriate level of health to do so.